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Chosen by the people of Erie and Niagara Counties to represent your best interests in our nation's capitol, Brian takes his job responsibilities in Washington, DC seriously but looks forward to the time he spends in Western New York because while spending time here at home he is reminded about why he was sent to Washington.  Brian has two offices in the 26th District, one in the City of Buffalo and one in the City of Niagara Falls. 

Superior constituent service is Brian's trademark.  Brian's office responds to each of the approximately 400 calls, letters and emails received each week.  Brian's office has helped hundreds of residents requesting assistance with veteran, social security, home loan modifications,  health care and other issues. 

In an effort to reach out to and better serve residents across the district Brian established "Congress on Your Corner," a program which sends members of Brian's staff to sites in towns, villages and cites across WNY on a rotating basis so that residents can easily share their ideas and concerns.  Since beginning the "Congress on Your Corner" program,  Brian has offered satellite office services to residents nearly 600 times and another 135 outreach events are scheduled for 2011.

At these satellite events Brian's office comes out to neighborhoods throughout the district and staff is available to listen and provide assistance with federal issues. In addition to the traditional hours, we provided several unique events with specialized resources for residents. 

Another way Brian's office has been able to reach out to the community is through the Congress on Your Corner, Computer Literacy Outreach Program. Many federal agencies have converted their forms to online editions; leaving those who may not have basic computer skills or direct computer access at a disadvantage. To address these needs, Brian’s office is partnering with local libraries to assist constituents in locating online forms and resources from Social Security, IRS, Veterans Administration and other federal agency websites.

As your Congressman Brian will continue to make himself and his office available and responsive to the residents he is elected to serve.