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Higgins Says Governor Cuomo’s Infrastructure Investments Paves Way to Jobs & Economic Growth in Western New York

Statement by Congressman Brian Higgins

“Lincoln called them land improvements; Eisenhower understood that infrastructure investment led to jobs when he initiated the national highway system in 1956.  Governor Andrew Cuomo is setting an example for the entire nation by making infrastructure a priority again in New York State.

“Our infrastructure is suffering from a crippling lack of investment and our country is falling behind because of it.   According to a Transportation for America report, the Buffalo Niagara region ranks thirteenth worst in the nation, among similar sized communities in terms of deficient bridges.  The American Society of Civil Engineers reports that 46% of the roads in New York State are in poor or mediocre condition and gives the country a “D” grade for infrastructure overall.  Seven cars cross Western New York’s 99 deficient bridges each and every second.

“The Governor’s budget features $1.3 billion for infrastructure projects across New York State, including a $247 million commitment from the State and a $917 million contribution from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

“As we saw with the bridge in Springville and as we know with congestion at the Peace Bridge, infrastructure barriers are barriers to economic opportunity.  Governor Cuomo’s infrastructure investments will pave the way to jobs and economic growth in Western New York.  There is a great amount of work that needs to be done and New Yorkers need the work. “