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Statement By Congressman Brian Higgins on Debt Ceiling Vote

8/02/2011- “This was a difficult decision following a long and disappointing display of Washington gamesmanship. But this vote, like every other I take, was made with thoughtful consideration of what is the best choice for the people of Western New York and the community I work tirelessly to see prosper and grow.

“I have said all along that my criteria for a debt ceiling deal are that it be long-term, removing the uncertainty of default from the economy, that it be bipartisan, and that it be balanced in terms of spending and revenues.

“The first default in our Nation’s history would have crushed the fragile economy hurting our small businesses, raising interest rates for borrowers and delaying Social Security benefits for our seniors.

“This bill was long-term and bipartisan, and leaves the door open to the bicameral committee incorporating balancing measures that include revenues. Further, the bill protects Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And most importantly, it avoids a cataclysmic default on our debt that virtually every economist believes would tip us into another recession."